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Health benefits of Zobo


The Zobo drink, also known as Hibiscus tea is one of the world most popular beverages and it originated from Nigeria (West Africa). The drink is derived from Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves (dried Roselle leaves), and it is often used as a medicinal tea.

Zobo is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, starting from Africa to Asia,Europe, America, etc. and it is served in various homes and restaurants.
You may think Zobo is just a regular drink for quenching thirst and satisfaction, but it’s more than that!

The English name of Zobo is Hibiscus
sabdariffa tea or drink. The name ZOBO is derived from the Hausa language.
Below are the health benefits of zobo

Benefits of zobo

1). Treat Constipation Problem:
As earlier stated, the Zobo drink is packed with several formidable nutrients, and one of the nutrients it is very rich in is fibre. The high level of fibre found in Zobo makes it a healthy
drink for combating constipation problem as fibre is scientifically proven to be a great d…

Vigina Care


The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman's body that runs from the cervix (the opening of the womb) to the vaginal opening. The vagina is designed to keep itself clean through the help of natural secretions (discharge).        Looking after your everyday health can help keep your vagina in good shape, -(Dr Suzy Elneil, consultant in urogynaecology at University College Hospital, London).
            CARE OF THE VIGINA
1). Washing your vagina.
It's a good idea to avoid perfumed soaps, gels and antiseptics as they can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the vagina And cause irritation. Use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash the area around the vagina gently every day. The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions (discharge). "During your period, washing more than once a day is also helpful, because keeping the perineal area between the vagina and anus clean is important, too. "Good perineal hygiene is necessa…



1). It can help you lose

Some small studies have linked ginger
intake — when combined with other
plant extracts — to some benefits in
weight loss. And there's definitely some
promising animal research linking
ginger to weight management . But as
with anything else, ginger is no magic
weight-loss pill ! Other components of a
healthy, balanced diet matter just as
much when it comes to losing weight
and keeping it off.
Ginger can be a delicious way to flavor
any anti-inflammatory diet plan . Plus,
swapping the spice for added salt,
sugar, or saturated fat may help us lose
unwanted pounds! Use ginger for
seasoning veggie-heavy meals and
snacks, not solely for health benefits.
2). It may help prevent heart disease.

The same anti-inflammatory
compounds in ginger can also reduce
the risk of chronic disease. A review in  2016 linked that regular ginger
intake with lower cholesterol and blood
sugar compared to a placebo. But just
like diabetes, eat…

Rape and it penalties

World Penalties for rape

1).  France: 15 years to life
The French are pretty hardcore about their rape
laws. They hand out 15 year sentences for rape,
which can be extended to 30 or life depending
on the extent of damage and brutality.

2). China: Death sentence or castration
The sentence for rape in China is death, which
some might laud for their swiftness. However,
execution without a proper trial is just as savage.
Proof of their autocratic leadership shows in the
fact that some convicted rapists who were
executed were later found innocent. Castration is
also used in some cases.

3). Saudi Arabia: Beheading within days
The punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia is a
public beheading after administering the rapist
with a sedative. The fact that they hand down the
same punishment for drug trafficking as well
proves that something very wrong is ingrained in
their system.

4). North Korea: Death by firing squad
This dictatorship sentences rapists to death by
firing squad. Their lines of just…



1). Rape is an act of
violence, not sexual
passion. It is an attempt
to hurt and humiliate,
using sex as the weapon.

2). Most women are raped by
strangers in high-risk
situations - hitchhiking,
walking alone at night,
going alone to a bar, etc.
That's False . Rapes can happen
in these situations, but
approximately few of all
victims are attacked in
their homes and in over
half the reported rapes,
women knows their

3). Victims do not
cause rape. It can happen
to anyone - children,
Parents, students,
working women, mothers,
wives, the rich, the
poor and also the disabled people. In fact, police
believe that in the
stranger-rape situation,
rapists tend to prey on
women who look
frightened, easily
intimidated, or seem to be
daydreaming. Most people are raped for being at the wrong place at the wrong time

4). The majority of rapists
continue until caught.
True. And rape is one of
the most under-reported


Benefits of Fruits

Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruit has been
recognized as a
good source of
vitamins and
minerals, and for
their role in
preventing vitamin
C and vitamin A deficiencies. People
who eat fruit as part of an overall
healthy diet generally have a reduced
risk of chronic diseases. USDA's
MyPlate encourages making half your
plate fruits and vegetables for healthy

Fruit are important sources of many
nutrients, including potassium, fiber,
vitamin C and folate (folic acid). Try
incorporating blueberries, citrus
fruit, cranberries or strawberries which
contain phytochemicals that are being
studied for added health benefits.

Eating fruit Punch Health Benefits

The nutrients in fruit are vitvit for health
and maintenance of your body. The
potassium in fruit can reduce your risk
of heart disease and stroke. Potassium
may also reduce the risk of developing
kidney stones and help to decrease
bone loss as you age.
Folate (folic acid) helps the body form
red blood cells. Women of childbearing

 Definition:  Drug abuse can simply be said as, the use of drugs illegally without the doctor's description.

In this modern lLif many people live be what they see and hear most especially by imitation not knowing the effects or safety precautions of what they do. Below are ways of tackling drug abuse:

Prevention: parents can prevent drug abuse! Parents are the best protection youngsters can have against drug abuse. Prevention is the process, which builds into children a resistance to abusing drugs, so that drug use never begins. Prevention is a simple concept but it requires constant work to be successful. Prevention is a positive process. It is a process, which cannot be started too soon. Research indicates that children and teenagers diagnosed with ADHD are at greater risk to alcohol and drug abuse than children and teenagers in the normal population.
The following are important elements in helping kids resist becoming involved with drugs and alcohol:

1. Love and affe…